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F. A. Q. 's

(Frequently Asked Questions)


Below are the answers to what we anticipate being the most frequently asked questions about this website.


May I download and share the information, photos, documents, etc. that I find on herroldreunion.com.


Absolutely!  A main purpose of this website is to get the information assembled, make it accessible, and get it out to those who may be looking for it.  Download, share and distribute as much and as often as you want.



May I contribute information to herroldreunion.com?


Absolutely!  While you are under no obligation to do so, we welcome anything and everything that you may be willing to share.  Its always great to have another source for information, to receive that one little tidbit that links mountains of data together, to learn Mary's brother Joe was really her father, etc.  So, please share all you want.  No need to worry about rejection here.  We're family, and we'll take everything you have to give.  There's only one rule.  If you send it, we will do our best to post it!  Your Herrold information, photos, documents, etc. can be sent directly to the webmaster.



Why isn't my name posted in the family genealogy?


There are two reasons you can't find your name listed in the Herrold History section of this site.  REASON ONE:  We try not to post the full names of the living.  You have privacy rights and there's some really bad people in this world who want to abuse your right to be you.  See our Identity Protection Policy.  REASON TWO:  We may not have complete information for your family line.  So, if you don't see any information for your brothers and sisters, mother, father, and grandparents, please send it to us and tell us where it should go in the website, and we'll post it subject, of course, to our Identity Protection Policy.



What does this symbol () mean?


That symbol () is placed next to the name of anyone for whom we have a posted picture of their tombstone or a monument erected in their memory.



Can you make it easier to search the website?


A great website search engine is something for which we are always on the lookout.  For now, we are still looking for something affordable, easy to use and tailored to the needs of our extended family of Herrold genealogy buffs.  In the meantime, as we find programs that will allow for even a modicum of searching, we are posting them on the Search Our Site page.



Any chance that "PROTECTED" names can be made available to me?


Absolutely!  Though we will try to strictly adhere to our Identity Protection Policy as far as the sharing of information on the website is concerned, a main purpose of herroldreunion.com is to share information on the Herrold family.  Therefore, if you are a relative and can prove it to the satisfaction of the webmaster (as referenced in our Identity Protection Policy, there are some worthless people in the world who steal identities), we will be happy to share protected information and everything else we have, via e-mail or conventional postal methods.  Just send an e-mail to the webmaster to get the information flowing your way.