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   On September 26, 1743, 55 year old George Christoph Herrold, Sr. (1688-1749) arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, aboard the ship Rosannah, accompanied by his wife, Maria Catherina Scheelkopt and five children, Maria Margaret (22), George Christoph, Jr. (20), Anna Maria (17), John George, Sr. (15), and Regina Catherina (9).  It was during the year 1743 that the first Lutheran Church in America was established in Philadelphia.

   Upon arriving in the Colonies and before departing their vessel, all males over the age of 16 were called to the quarters of the Captain of the Rosannah.  There the clerk of the ship placed their names on the Captain's List.  George Christoph Herrold, Sr.'s name was listed as "Christaf Heralde".  George Christoph Herrold, Jr.'s name was listed as "Yarah Christaf Herald".  The Herrold's were taken from the Rosannah to the Philadelphia Court House where their Oath of Allegiance was made to the King of Great Britain.  The Court records for this Oath show George Christoph Herrold, Sr.'s name signed as "George Christoph Heroldt".  George Christoph Herrold, Jr.'s name was signed as "Joorg Christoff Heroldt".

   The Herrold family traveled from Philadelphia to the Tulpehocken region of present day Berks County, Pennsylvania, via Pottstown and Reading on the famous Tulpehocken-Shamokin Trail that followed the Schuylkill River.

    It is believed that the Herrolds settled on the same land for which John George Herrold, Sr. was issued a Warrant on August 16, 1751 (a private land purchase from Andrew Elick) for 100 acres situated about one mile west of Reistville (part of Heidelberg and Jackson Townships) in present day Lebanon County.  In 1751, this location was in Lancaster County.  These 100 acres were also 10 miles from the Christ (Tulpehocken) Lutheran Church that is west of Stouchburg, Pennsylvania.  The Christ (Tulpehocken) Lutheran Church was formed in 1743 and "G. C. Herold" (George Christoph Herrold, Sr.) and "A. M. Heroldin" (Anna Maria, believed to be the wife of John George Herrold, Sr. (1728-1803)) were listed in the church records for that year.  It is at this church that "Joh. Friedrich Herhold" (John Frederick Herrold, Sr. (1765-1841)), son of John George Herrold, Sr., was baptised; and "An Maria Herhold" (Anna Maria Herrold), daugher of John George Herrold, Sr., was confirmed in 1766.  Also of note, the Old Tulpehocken Lutheran Cemetary is where "John Christoph Herold" (George Christoph Herrold, Sr.) was buried in 1749.

    In the summer of 1771, John George Herrold, Sr. and family moved from Lancaster County (now Lebanon County), Pennsylvania to Cumberland County (now Snyder County), Pennsylvania.  The family arrived in the Chapman area of Penn Township.  Here John George Herrold, Sr. was issued a land Warrant on April 29, 1772 (survey of 71 acres was made on May 4, 1774).  It was on this plot that the Herrold Grist Mill was constructed.  By 1777, John George Herrold, Sr. completed construction on a 2 1/2 story Log House, located on the North side of Chapman Run, 500 feet west of a house built by Captain Simon Herrold in 1816 near Route 15.